1 Million Photos: Thomas Hawk on the Flickr Blog

“I’m trying to capture 1 million photos before I die”

I was very fortunate to meet Mr. Hawk last March when he was in Utah for the Jarviewalk Photowalk and Holi 2012 Festival of Colors. He’s a shooting fiend and super nice to boot. Back in May, I attended the Google+ photo conference and got to talk briefly during a Drink and Click photowalk. I asked a bit about his process and where he finds the time to shoot, catalogue and edit. He shared a bit and we went off on a storage tangent. I’ve wondered how he balances the project with his family life. His wife is equally amazing and together, they are super inspirational.

It makes me happy to see flickr reach out and feature his work. Hawk has been an outspoken advocate for Yahoo! to do something with flickr, still one of the best photo sharing sites, even with the decline in views and activity. I blame Facebook. For everything.

Here’s the video that accompanies the post on the flickr blog:

Rooting for you, Thomas (and family)!