Monthly Archives: March 2003

GOP Cowards

Last night, my lady went to dinner with some old friends. I was rocking it solo. I met a friend for dinner and we decided to go get coffee somewhere else upon finishing our dinner. He and I were in separate cars and I had parked around the corner. So I was walking down the […]

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This year, with the war and whatnot, the Oscars were, well, subdued. Except for the actors. They all seemed a bit jumpy and skittish and stoned / baked / drunk / oops – I – forgot – my – Valium / I – mis-timed – my – Botox – treatment. No one seemed like they […]

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So Many Questions

There are a lot of questions being asked today. A lot. It’s a busy day. Of all the questions of war, economy, the future of U.S. diplomacy (or the lack of same) the one that perplexes me most as a future homeowner is on the butler issue. Human, Robot or Monkey?

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Heather and I have been looking at houses. We’ve got a realtor. He drives a Lexus. It has a leather interior. The thing is, and this sounds horrifyingly yuppy, but our realtor lives in the neighborhood we want to live in. He is _the_ realtor for the hood. He only reps the best houses and […]

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Search Results

I’ve resisted the urge to post about search strings that people use to find me because they aren’t that interesting: skanky blurbomat whistles go woo angry dance off britney and justin•s dance off clear speakers dirrty supersonic car the whistles go woo woo whore price list winona ryder bitch or evil All fine. All normal. […]

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Crouching Tiger Drunken Clicker

Reasons why I shouldn’t be allowed near a computer and a NetFlix account while under the influence: Numero Uno We (me and the hero) share the same last name! Totally! Before TV ruined him. Only for the bored. When that dog runs up to Meg Ryan at the end, I lose it every time. And […]

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