Monthly Archives: November 2004

Charts and Graphs

As today is traditionally a heavy shopping/consumer crazy day, I’ve been working on some ways to discuss digital cameras (a popular request) and how to decide which one is best. Aside from actually going somewhere and taking a few pictures with cameras you are interested in (sometimes this is not a possibility if you live […]

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I’ve long struggled with writing what I’m about to share. This will be cathartic, and I ask the reader for forgiveness if this drifts towards pathos or is too maudlin. I figure that this has been long overdue for me on a therapeutic level, and something that I want to share, if only in the […]

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I can only imagine the body tensing pain that my wife would experience if she read my horoscope today: Leo (July 23 – Aug 22) – Today is a 6 — Take some of your hard-earned cash and get a tool you’ve been wanting. It isn’t hard to justify; you’ll make the money back in […]

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This says it all. (Link goes to Utah election results on I had hoped that my county might be a little more balanced. I was smoking crack! Now for the deep introspection, name calling, bitterness and great comedy sure to come our way…

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Election Night – Semi-Real Time

6:51 pm MST — I have to semi-real-time blog the election results. I get permission from Heather. We’re watching CNN and MSNBC. Tivo is recording Real World and the sundry programs, some featuring what may be the final days of Ken Jennings on Jeopardy. The early results are making us queasy. It’s not that the […]

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Like you need me to tell you. Voting this morning wasn’t too bad. A small line. I would imagine it will get crazier as the day progresses. When I was a kid, my dad was a political junkie (runs in the family) and he’d take us down to the local paper, on a school night! […]

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