Monthly Archives: February 2007

Part of the Problem

Holy shaved cat balls, Internet Explorer 6 is most definitely the Netscape Navigator 4 of our day and age. Do you remember 1999? Do you remember how shitty it was to wait for an entire page reload regardless of cache settings? Remember how finicky it was? That is where IE 6 is today. If you […]

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In trite list form: Technology has not yielded a true future-proof solution when it comes to data. Even the nerd approved open source community is moving slowly. This is a huge problem facing digital migration. I stewed on this rummaging through a 10 year old box of cassette tapes. I found an 18 year old […]

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Firefox v. Internet Explorer

firefox beats IE!

I’ve been watching Firefox creep up on IE for a long time, but today: I’ve had a theory that people who read blogs are outliers. I wonder what other personal sites are seeing. I’m sure that business-centric sites follow the larger trends that get reported in trade mags and by analysts.

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When Cruft Free = Migraine

I am very close to fixing my problem of changing incoming URL requests like : to I found a sweet Movable Type template here that does some great work. You substitute your Individual Entry Archives with a PHP file and rebuild your site and boom, good to go. Problem for me? I decided […]

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Nerd Quizzer

I’ve got an Apache need and I’ve hit my limit with mod_rewrite and regular expressions. I’ve tried using a Rewrite Map (thanks, Jon!) amongst other things. Problem: I need to replace incoming URL requests that have underscores with URLs that have dashes. Since the URLs (URIs? UTIs?) were dynamically generated, the rewrite rules only need […]

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Safe Sleep?

Research: (found via MacRumors forum thread) Safe Sleep tips from Macworld’s Mac 911 blog Igor Minar’s blog Andrew The Intel-powered Apple laptops (and the last G4 PowerBooks) have a feature that Apple calls Safe Sleep. Windows laptop users know this as Hibernation. My iBook would sleep immediately when shut and come awake […]

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