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  • Quakey

  • Part of the Problem

    Holy shaved cat balls, Internet Explorer 6 is most definitely the Netscape Navigator 4 of our day and age. Do…

  • Ruminations

    In trite list form: Technology has not yielded a true future-proof solution when it comes to data. Even the nerd…

  • Melted, Molted, Meted

  • Sitting on a Park Bench

  • Running Chuck

    This was a total lucky catch and one made a little easier from the lockability of the Lensbaby 3g. Plus,…

  • Park Lights

  • Firefox v. Internet Explorer

    I’ve been watching Firefox creep up on IE for a long time, but today Firefox surpassed IE. I’ve had a…

  • Testing Comedy Central

    This video will expire on 3/15/2007? Why?

  • The Warmest Day of February

  • Stripped

  • When Cruft Free = Migraine

    I am very close to fixing my problem of changing incoming URL requests like : to I found…

  • Nerd Quizzer

    I’ve got an Apache need and I’ve hit my limit with mod_rewrite and regular expressions. I’ve tried using a Rewrite…

  • Tim, Tim, Tim

    Tim Hardaway hates gay people. Then he doesn’t. Does anybody buy these “apologies“?

  • Safe Sleep?

    Research: (found via MacRumors forum thread) Safe Sleep tips from Macworld’s Mac 911 blog Igor Minar’s blog Andrew…

  • We Were Not There

    Four killed in mall shooting, official says From the local CBS affiliate From the local NBC affiliate From the local…

  • A Tender Story of Intolerance

    Miller says he now thinks ‘Brokeback’ ban was wrong

  • Analog Warp

  • Product Review: Lensbaby 3G

    As most of you who frequent this site know, I like to make photos that are impressionistic and artistic in…

  • The Former Congressman Worrying Again