$30 vs. $800

Is the $800 coffee machine really worth that much more?

The coffee machine I have ($33). The coffee machine somebody gave a member of my family ($800).

  • Rengirl

    That coffee machine better get up and cook an entire breakfast each morning for you for $800!

  • ms lauren

    does that coffee machine give head?

  • kath

    Well, I should think so! Just look at all the household help you could do without if you owned this marvel:

    Capresso’s C1000 is a complete coffee-bar system that filters water, grinds beans, tamps the fresh grind, brews the espresso, steams the milk, and then rinses and shuts off automatically.

    You would no longer need your filterer, your grinder, your tamper, your brewer, your steamer, or your rinser or shutterofferer. Not to mention that you would get a free Turbo Frother, dispensing with one more expensive position on your household staff. Sounds like an amazing deal to me.

  • michael

    That’s no coffee maker… that is a spaceship!

  • Melissa

    Oh, but you see it was ‘marked down’ by $301!

    I think the question really is, can you afford not to buy it?

  • the mighty jimbo

    i think it comes complete with a couple acres of land in columbia and a dozen migrant workers to pick beans too.

  • rubbo

    Nah, that is still to expensive for a dozen migrant workers. It actually fits under the hood and powers your gold plated hummer.

  • monkeyinabox

    Is an iPod really better than a $50 MP3 player at Wal-Mart? Is a Mercedes better than a Honda? YES! What I wonder is one you buy this do you really stop going somewhere to get coffee or expresso? I’m sure Starbucks has a machine that costs twice as much as these and is twice as good.

  • the mighty jimbo

    i think what we are wondering is just how much technological inovation is required to run hot water through coffee grounds.

  • Beerzie Boy

    Of course it is! Bigger and More Expensive is Better. Now, about that Hummer 2 you wanted…

  • krotchbat

    charge it!
    and name your kid Blog.

  • Rick

    I used to have the same $33 dollar coffee pot. I affectionately named it “Darth Vader” Flip up the water lid sometime to see my point… as a matter of fact.. take a picture for me.. I sure miss that thing!!!

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