3hive Podcast 022

This has been a long time coming. After almost a full year of no podcast from 3hive, I’ve stepped into the abyss and tried my hand at a podcast (listen in iTunes for best effect; it’s enhanced) after several fits and starts. My voiceover audio is jacked because I’ve packed all my good mics and mixer, so I’m using my Macbook Pro built-in mic. Ugly. Plus, I need a way to get my old school Yamaha Pro-Mix 01 to talk to my MacBook Pro. S/PDIF to TOSLink or some such gooble. Also, used GarageBand’s auto-ducking and not sure I like it. Seems a little harsh.

Tracks in this show:
I Hate Camera – The Bird & The Bee
The Goth Tarts – The Muggabears
Pile of Gold – The Blow
The Nights Are Cold – Richard Hawley
Crustaceatron – Billy Martin & John Medeski (Link forthcoming)

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This was fun. I want to do it again.