6.5 Minutes with the New Flickr iOS App

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6.5 Minutes with the New Flickr iOS App

This is rough, but I am getting bored and stir crazy. This is a look at some of the new features in the new Flickr iOS app that shows the integration of some of the features from KitCam. I have to say that I miss the skuomorphic treatment of lenses in KitCam. The lenses gave me a visual mnemonic to remember what each lens does. I like the new interface, but the lack of lenses is a bummer for me. I’m sure most people won’t care, and for a free app, there is a lot to like.

There are some glaring omissions, chief among them is the ability to apply a filter to multiple images and/or the ability to edit an image and save it prior to uploading. The only way to save an image is to upload it to Flickr and if your settings are correct, the edited image will also save into your camera roll, but only after uploading.

Again, this is rough, I know.

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