A California Take on Buttars

San Diego CityBeat – The death of me

From awesome photographer and writer, Aaryn b. (she’s posted it there as well) Thanks for the link and the mention. It was strange to go a day without Buttars being mentioned in the local news.

February 21, 2008 Link

  • megan

    ha! Great post. I have never followed local politics in Utah, so I have no idea what butters looks like, only what he’s said. I have a picture in my mind of the little blond kid on South Park talking about ‘dark, ugly’ things. Is it wrong that I’m determined not to see his actual photo now, because its funnier to think of him as racist-senator-cartoon-child…
    for visual reference.

  • Pete Dunn

    I filled the gap for you yesterday by writing about him. So you’re good.

  • sarah

    First time commenter, just wanted to share this story that’s up at CNN about some more crazy Utah politics. Really, I had thought guns were banned on school campuses across the country. Guess I was wrong.

  • michael

    “I was already stiff with rigor mortis when I learned he’s a big pusher of revising biology textbooks to include “divine intervention” and that he sponsored a bill that would allow police to withhold misconduct reports from the public.

    Sounds like he wants to withhold the misconduct reports relating to treatment of gays and minorities to me. That is truly scary.

  • Karl

    Read the sole comment on the link Jon provided. The commenter says he couldn’t live in Utah as he might go “Apeturd AK-47”. Do liberals hate the civil liberty of bearing arms because they can’t trust themselves?

  • Dave K

    @Karl, you really need to come experience the absurdity of living in Zion. I had a conversation the other day with a co-worker about the primaries. Although he hasn’t registered (yet), he commented that he imagines he’ll vote for McCain, now that Romney had dropped out. He kind of liked Obama, but there’s no way he would vote for someone “who tried to hide that they were a Muslim”(!) How long can you bang your head against a wall?

    BTW, you may want to rephrase your last sentance, “the Constitutional Right of bearing arms”, the way you’ve said it makes you sound a little Lefty.

  • Stenar

    There was this bit in the Tribune today about Buttars:

  • Stenar

    As bad or worse than Buttars is this new nutter spouting off in the Utah Senate, Senator Margaret Dayton from Orem.

    See her comments about efforts to help minority business owners here:

    and about International Baccalaureate programs in high schools here:

  • Megan
  • PixelFish

    re: Margaret Dayton – Oh, yay, somebody from my home town (Orem) determined to make sure that people like me never want to come back home. I know I could have stayed in Utah and fought the good fight, but seriously, 22 years there was enough. It REALLY sucks to be a single, ex-Mormon female in Utah County. Nobody takes you seriously. Nobody pays you what you’re worth. And everybody and their dog has this nice boy from the ward they’d like to hook you up with. Anyway, Utah is the bastion and stronghold of white Christian males–I’m not too concerned that their rights are being trampled on, Margaret.

  • truth speaker


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