A List and a Phone Number

Thanks to everybody who posted comments about health coverage. We’ll definitely be looking into many of the options that you brought up. For those of you worse off, I can’t tell you how sorry I am and you are definitely worth posting about, even for the people who sound like my mother.

I think some points of clarification are in order.

  1. We have insurance. We are covered. Including Leta. This is retroactive to the first of this month.
  2. Chuck is not insured.
  3. It is expensive. We still have a few other options that are yet to be explored, but I felt it important to get even expensive coverage, because in between pimping my dog and playing on the computer all day, I actually care about the well-being of my family.
  4. I posted about being denied hoping to get some suggestions about how to save money and still be covered. Ironically, one of the companies who denied us is participating in advertising with a company that rhymes with schmoogle.
  5. I did not and do not ask for any of you to pay for my insurance or my health care. If you feel that way I have no response. I left my day job fully aware that I had excellent benefits. This was one of the reasons it took me so long to leave.
  6. I expected to have a conversation about the sorry state of insurance coverage and health care. If you live in the United States and work, you pay into several federallly funded health care and social programs. Recipients of those programs would love to talk to you. I pay into those same programs. Sorry for the buzz kill.
  7. COBRA would have been $1,100/month (part of the excellent benefits). We chose a state plan. We could not immediately get the state plan without first being denied insurance. We had to apply for individual coverage and be denied before that option was open to us.
  8. I’m taking responsibility for my decisions. Looking at the comments, I think a lot more working people are in the same boat than not. All the platitudes and attacks in the world won’t change this. I believe that change will occur if we educate ourselves and express ourselves. If you don’t hold the majority opinion in a comments thread and feel the need to react because you are feeling vulnerable, I suggest either closing your browser window and/or turning down the Jesus.
  9. Health care around the world is jacked. Some countries do a better job than others.
  10. I don’t live in one of them.
  11. Based solely on the comments of the previous two blurbs, Australia sounds like they have a good universal health situation.
  12. Ad hominem attacks towards me and complaining about this site in a comments thread is nothing short of making my day. So is your passive aggressiveness. LOVE IT! Blow me away with your powerful logic! Tell me I suck even more! Way to convince me that my opinion is wrong! Make me the bad guy!
  13. I did not make any insurance laws in the United States.

I’m going to take a page from GEORGE!:
Complaints? I’ve used the proceeds from the Chuck calendar to staff a call line: 1-800-EAT-SHIT.