A Paintbrush Across the Sky

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A Paintbrush Across the Sky

Caught this last night. Out of my window. Ridiculous.

There are probably a ton of sensor dirt spots all over this image. The Canon 5D is in desperate need of a damn good hiding. I think that’s how you spell it in Lancashire. Right good washing up.

Gonna be a nutburger week it looks like. Battery croaked in the car/truck/SUV. Fun times. It’s in these moments when you realize, even if very slightly, why people pair up: backup. In modern terms, backup means something different than it did for our ancestors. With parenting, backup means someone steps in when the other is at the end of their tether. I realized something the other day. I’ve never fully lived alone as an adult as long as I have the past 4 months. Crazy to fathom. I’m still getting a handle on the nights when I don’t have the girls. Hell, I have them tonight and I’m still up past midnight working on stuff. I’ve got to re-balance myself. I think the lack of equilibrium comes from living life as a unit and all that entails and having the balance that such a unit inherently provides. I’m still adjusting to not having the unit aspect full-time. Super weird. Still feel like a stranger in the condo sometimes. I’m having homeless dreams where I am living close to the edge and I lose it and end up homeless. That feeling of dread upon waking is the most super special way to start a new day.

Still, the glass is full-ish. I’m going to stand by that for awhile. Sit with it. Maybe take a sip or two.

* * *

Daily affirmation: You are making progress. Notice it.