Add Homophobe to Racist

Utah’s own Strom Thurmond, the recently re-elected racist and now outed homophobe Chris Buttars, impales himself on his bigotry once again:

Buttars: Gays ‘greatest threat to America’ – Salt Lake Tribune

Update: Here’s the interview.

To the district that re-elected this moron: you deserve what you get.

Buttars may pay a price for his remarks:

Sources: Buttars may lose Judiciary Committee spot over anti-gay comments

Hegemony is a wonderful thing! Go GOP! Go!


    Could you please explain to me how it is that we are part of the same species as these knuckleheads?


    Happy to live in Massachusetts, the most liberal, African-American-governor-having, gay-marriage-allowing state in the union.


    Chris Buttars should resign.

    Once the whole enchilada becomes available for public consumption, the country is gonna be sickened by his camera drunk performance.

    The documentary is coming out in July.

    It’s one thing if Chris were to appear in that film in the role of a *former* Utah senator.

    It’s another thing entirely if the audience were to be treated to the spectacle of a sitting state senator spewing this bile.

    The choice of reactions is up to the Utah legislature.

    July’s audience will either think “good for Utah for cutting this crank loose” or they’ll think “only in Utah can a jerk like this keep his job.”

    It’s one or the other.

    And if it’s the latter, it’s not like Chris is going to keep his job after July anyway.

    Show a little humility and bow out now, or suffer utter humiliation later.

    It’s up to you, Chris.

  • Le Fiffre

    Update: Buttars booted —

    This latest news speaks well of my state. In addition, I’d like to muse that Buttars’ statements and actions are every bit as deplorable when examined from within his socio-religious context as from without. The second greatest commandment of the New Testament is unequivocal — love thy neighbor as thyself. A short theological proof shows that you cannot disregard this commandment without also violating the first, “Love the Lord your God.” (Mark 12:28-31). So without the greatest two commandments in Christendom, upon which all others are predicated, Buttars’ statements are indefensible from the viewpoint of Mormon theology. End scene.

    Jon, I like that Heather uses your framed photos as a backdrop for her Momversation videos. She’ll probably sneer at the analogy, but it reminds me of my cat curling up on one of my t-shirts even though there are softer places available — it means she loves me.

    • mmc

      Le Fiffre – how exactly does this speak well of your state? He’s basically getting a slap on the hand, while Waddoups straight out says that those comments and opinions are shared by many of the senate leaders. There is nothing in that article that, in my opinion, speaks well of Utah.

  • Joanne

    i read the article and was prepared to come on here and be all, “so where’s the commentary on this one, jon, huh? HUH??????” ha!

    this is no surprise though, is it? and i’m not sure i agree with “lefiffe” in that it “speaks well” of utah. they elected this unapologetic bigot, after all.

    also, le fiffre, to attempt to distance buttars’ remarks from Mormon theology is naivete in my mind. pure and simple. need i bring up the institutional racism couched in mormon theology pre 1979? when respected leaders issue statements of covert or overt bias while quoting scripture, it is most certainly going to create a chris buttars and many many like him. let’s not sit in the belly of the beast and pretend it’s all good. our church organization is in part responsible for the comments and even worse, the thought process of this man and the voters who put him in office.

    • Le Fiffre

      Joanne, there’s no denying much of what you say. Perhaps I cite my theology wishfully, and could be naïve about many things. And perhaps the Church is a ruminant, and has a better belly in my zip code? Or perhaps Brother Buttars is simply a bigot who hides behind the Church.

      Let’s answer Buttars’ First Amendment freedoms with our own ( or home (801) 561-0535 or fax (801) 561-3242) but let’s not elevate him as a spokesman for the LDS Church. Not. My. Church. There I go distancing myself again — naïve me!

      @Craig: I feel upbeat that the UT GOP did the right thing — even if it was coerced and long overdue.

      LeFiffre — the great-great grandson of a polygamist.

  • Craig

    The little slap on the wrist he’s gotten is far too lenient. But then the only reason he got *any* punishment is because Buttars said openly what the rest of the republicans have the sense to keep to themselves – but obviously believe. They’re no less bigoted than he is, he’s just stupid enough to voice his bigotry. The Senate President only acted because his hand was forced, and that shows how little the Utah legislature Repuglicans care about the rights of anyone who isn’t in their little club.

  • J. Bo

    More often than not, I’m embarrassed for my species…