Adobe Lightroom 4 Ships Today

Adobe Lightroom 4 Ships Today

Image from Adobe

My favorite image organizaer/editor gets an update that is shipping today: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 (link is an Amazon affiliate link). Best news? $149 if you have never owned Lightroom before. $79 to upgrade. SWEET. Lightroom 3 was double the price last week!

Usually, I’m all over the Lightroom beta(s), but this year I decided to hold off. Some of the new features look amazing. B&H has an update page with before/after images to show off the new stuff:

and a video featuring training master Scott Kelby on this page:

Adobe Lightroom 4 Adds More “Flow” to your Workflow | BH inDepth.

Adobe has shared some short videos on their YouTube channel detailing some of the new controls. This video shows how the Golden Gate Bridge image before/after was edited:


Super long video that is worth watching if you want to see how quick and powerful image editing in Lightroom can be:

Digging on the new adjustment brush that lets you use the entire Basic section of the Develop module (it’s around 12:30 in the video). I’ve wanted that feature for years! I will be jumping in to the new Lightroom very soon.