Amazing Damaged Work

Keith Calhoun and Chandra McCormick suffered a devasting loss of their archives in the Katrina/levee aftermath. But they’ve turned it around and created new work from damaged negatives. And it is stunning work both visually and metaphorically:

“As the city recovered, so too did their work. Taking negatives from this damaged collection, Calhoun and McCormick have made a new body of work that literally captures the moment when the levees broke.”

Via: Picture Dept.

  • americanrecluse

    These are crazy beautiful. I’m glad they didn’t just write off these old negatives. They have new stories to tell now.

  • Lilly O’Handley

    Makes “lemonade from lemons” seem trite and inadequate. I can’t imagine the loss they felt. My hubby’s family suffered a catastrophic house fire when he was a boy and the lack of childhood photos are still felt in the family. :o(