Amazon Wish List for Sandy Relief

I saw this on Twitter last night and did a bunch of research to verify it:

Staten Island Assemblyman Matthew Titone’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Supplies on

Finally, this afternoon, I found a article (link) reporting that it was the Mr. Titone’s sister Liz who set up the wishlist:

Liz Titone, the sister of Staten Island Assemblyman Matthew Titone, has set up an Amazon wish list that is collecting items for those on the island hit hardest by the storm. It is now making the rounds on Twitter (technologist Anil Dash sent six cases of diapers and wipes), allowing those outside the New York/New Jersey area to pitch in and help satisfy specific needs.

"After a long and sobering conversation with my brother about the damage Sandy left in her wake and the tremendous effort it will take to get our hometown back in shape, I set up the Amazon list as a way to get supplies to Staten Island quickly and efficiently," Titone said in a Monday email. "I sent the link to friends and posted it on my Facebook page. I had no idea how useful it would prove to be for the community at large or how wide a net it would cast!"

via Local Groups Turn to Amazon Wish Lists for Sandy Relief | News & Opinion |

Reasons I’m sharing this:

  1. Fantastic and novel use of social media and internet to solve an immediate problem and allowed people outside the area to contribute in a low-friction way
  2. Over the years that the blurbodoocery has been running, Heather and I have linked to Amazon products. We have affiliate money that we use for gifts, some essentials and occasionally a splurge. That money wouldn’t be there without you and your clicks. Thank you for your support that allowed me to pay it forward! It’s really your generosity that’s sending one of almost everything on the list (there were several items, for some reason, Amazon couldn’t add to the order or process or something). Stand tall, gentle reader. Those clicks will mean something to families in need of underpants, wipes, diapers, flashlights, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you readerclickers!
  3. You can text REDCROSS to 90999 and it will donate $10 to Red Cross Disaster Relief.