Another Angle of the Crappy Sunset

  • Mary Moon

    Dang. I live in Florida and I’m still jealous.
    I need to get to the coast.
    I’m glad y’all are getting the good show.

  • Jessica

    Oooh, add this one to Etsy!

  • firerobin

    It sort of looks like a painting.

  • Pete Dunn

    Crazy, I know, but this shot reminds me of summers as a kid at Bear Lake.

  • Andria

    It’s still very soothing…

  • k-m-s

    Wow… Rough livin’ this week!

  • Milissa

    I lived on the Gulf Coast for much of my life. I now live in the suburbs of Washington, DC.

    I would like to strangle you and your lovely wife.

    I hope you can understand.

  • Patti

    You poor thing.

  • Mish

    u got lucky – just a bit more south on the other side of the state has been like constant severe thunderstorm warnings.

  • Lori

    First world livin. Just beautiful!

  • Katie Spence

    Stupid sunsets!

  • Laurie

    A powerful photo.

  • Aimee Greeblemonkey

    you poor poor souls.

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