Apple is Dying? Again?

I’ve been digging on the RSS screensaver in Mac OS 10.4. One of the feeds is for eWeek’s Mac coverage. The headlines all scream about how Apple is sucking ass and Tiger is horrible and Apple might be, maybe headed down a dark road and they don’t care about IT or the enterprise.

For the record, my 10.4 Tiger experience has been a PLEASURE compared to days of no network access in 10.3. Finally, the Windows SMB/CIF shares I want to mount at login mount EVERY TIME.

This style of reporting about Apple can pose valid questions. The problem is that when facing a page of dreary naysaying headlines, the perception of “balanced” or “objective” tilts and it only fuels the zealots.

Is Apple perfect? No. Do they need someone pointing out their mistakes in the media? Most certainly. But would it kill eWeek to post something like “Tiger growls at most people’s network problems” or “Tiger pounces all up in the grill of SMB shares”?

Because in my experience, Tiger IS up in the grill of SMB shares. It’s grrrrrrreat to finally have a Mac that lives on my corporate network with speed and grace instead of the painful rectal experiences of the past couple of years.