Apple’s Panther: Lying About Windows

After taking a giant step backwards in networking with Panther (random server access and then finally, none. For three days!), I broke down and downloaded a demo of ADmitMac. Imagine. Networking as it’s supposed to be. I can actually _see_ servers. Better, I can open files from the servers where I have such privileges. This is what I expected from Panther. I didn’t get it.

Apple. You are lying. Again. OS 10.3 has made my corporate life LIVING HELL. Apple, you have again made my IT manager’s life a constant stream of questions and troubleshooting for ONE MACHINE on his network. Interoperability, my ass.

There is a mitigating factor that OS X is better to look at, but if I can’t do my job, what value is your OS? And more importantly, I CAN SEE THROUGH THE LIES. Apple does not provide, out of the box, a working way for me to see and mount servers on a Windows network without my network person having to make their network less secure and not current.

Here’s a hint that might help those of you in this situation.

Oh the agonies one must face using the Lamborghini/ Ferrari/ Porsche of operating systems.