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Took this one awhile back. The bowling gene runs strong with Marlo. Her excitement and glee was putting energy back into the grid.

I had the girls over the 4th and again this past weekend. We had a blast. Small town parade with floats, veterans, bagpipes, marching bands and candidates. Candy was thrown in copious amounts. I was not prepared for the candy and the girls had to use the only thing I had, diaper bags (the kind you put dirty diapers in; same form factor as dog poop bags) to store their stash. They didn’t care. Too many taffy pieces in waxed paper, Tootsie rolls and fun size bars to collect.

I was happy the girls got to have the small town parade experience. Compared to parades from my youth, notable differences in this parade were: fewer horses, fewer vintage cars and no Shriners. The no Shriners was particularly sad. I assume they spent the fourth at a larger parade, but grown men in fezzes driving go-carts is an image every child needs in their memory bank.

We spent a lot of time with my family and had a blast swimming, visiting and eating. At the end of the day, we had a sleepover at my mom’s place and the girls passed out from exhaustion.

2 grill outs at two separate places in one day finally put hamburger on Leta’s approved menu. I made burgers last night and the girls ate them. Condo burgers are a go.

Breathing. Living. Taking photos. Projects. Sun. Lovely.

This week: final rehearsals for the Swim Herschel Swim/Stretch Armstrong reunion show on the 14th. I’ll do a separate post about my gear setup.

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Daily affirmation: Be positive, not delusional.