Looking Down for a Change

I’ve posted some more photos to flickr. We took over 1,100 photos while we were there. I tend to think it might have been double that had the light been less flat.

  • Nothing But Bonfires

    Ooh, I just want to EAT this color palette. I love that someone has a little room (studio? sunroom? napping parlor?) on the top of the middle roof.

  • la_florecita

    I like the top floor door on the red building. Bet that’s got an interesting story . . .

  • alh

    Two things:

    At first that picture looks like a model of a row of houses. This was very exciting to me because I am a lover of all things small: model trains, intricate doll houses (especially ones that are wired for electricity!).

    As a former hater of black licorice myself, I must say that I was won over by Panda’s version: mild yet satisfying with a rewarding texture.

  • Claire

    I have been to Amsterdam twice. I think it is a beautiful city for architecture. I do have a question though. I was there last summer on vacation and it was filthy! I am not kidding. All of the public trash cans were overflowing and people had trash sitting in the streets. I had never seen anything like it. At lunch, my husband asked what was going on. The garbage collectors were on strike? How does it look now?

  • Trish

    I thought this was a picture of Madurodam until I read the entry. Hopefully you were able to see it. I loved the miniature planes actually flying when I was a kid.

  • New Blue Shoe

    Jon–what do you use to store your 1100 photos? Do you just have a lot of CF cards? Did you download to the laptop(s)? iPod?

    I just bought a Canon 20d yesterday, in anticipation of 2 weeks of honeymoonery in just about 2 months. (S’s comment was that I’d better learn how to use it before we went ON said honeymoon). But since I’m not really planning on lugging about a laptop, and at the moment I only have 32MB, 64MB, 256MB and a 2GB cards, and 8.2MP is pretty monstrous, I’m trying to figure out what to do, storage-wise.

    I could also use some brevity lessons, it would appear, but what do you think is a good way to go about this all?

  • blurb

    We lugged the laptops on the trip to do photos, but if you have a big enough iPod, you can store your photos that way… We have a couple 1 gig cards and a 512MB card.

  • New Blue Shoe

    I hear that’s a pretty slow transfer, though. [Sorry if this should be taken offline…]

  • blurb

    I couldn’t say how fast the transfer from a card reader to an ipod is. I would imagine it would be at USB 2.0 speeds. But I could be wrong.

  • Kathleen

    that is a really really cool photo.

    for some reason it makes me think of the “fake tilt” photos they have been talking about on Boing Boing ( Seen those?