Around the Way

This was right around the corner from our hotel and we passed it every time we went anywhere. On our last day on the island, we had impeccable timing with the light and I stopped and shot a few frames. I used a touch of split toning in Lightroom to bring out the reds. A big smidge.

The super wide angle (15mm on the Sigma 12-24) distorts the shapes, especially at the edges, but I like the results. I love how the aggregate materials appear to barely be hanging on, as if the tide has been working against them since the fence was built.

  • Lana Wood


    I really love this photo. I wish I knew how to take really good photos, and make them look magical with all kinds of technical tricks. All the technical information you write about apertures, and types of cameras is amazing, and seems incomprehensibly technical. I do not understand a word, but I am mesmerized.

    • blurb

      Thanks! If I can get some time, I want to do some more video tutorials. Would that be something that would interest you?