At the End of the Night

I took this at the end of the signing last week. After an event where Heather is amazing and warm and kind to complete strangers, I am in complete awe of what she does. Cami shot a bunch of shots (thanks Cami!) so I could focus on helping Heather at the signing. This was the only shot I took all night.

  • omar

    haha, heather is definitely enjoying the moment. =)
    love the picture.

  • May

    baffling how such an attractive couple can be so kind-hearted and funny and ultra-geeky. enhances the appeal.

    those are one of my favorite types of pens.

    i’ve never seen the Gulf from the panhandle. i once had a crush on twins from Destin.

    enjoy the vay-kay!

  • Pete Dunn

    You guys were so damn nice at the signing. It was truly a pleasure to meet and chat with you guys.


    You should put a plate of Fallic [sic] chicken strips on the table, just to see how they affect things.

  • Morgan M.

    It would be so awesome if you two (or three) could come to Southern California to do a signing… wink wink nudge nudge

  • omar

    do a signing in BOSTON! :) I’d be there.

  • Lauren

    Well, if we’re making requests – do a signing in Richmond, VA!

  • anonymous

    [Ed. note: “I’m an asshole.”]

  • JuJuBee

    I didn’t sense any complaining….and what a great shot!

  • Hollie

    Yes, great shot.
    Charlotte, NC would love to host Blurbodoocery. No doubt.
    Southern hospitality at it’s finest. And, seemingly, hottest.

  • Kelley

    Come to Nashville, for real!

    I take it no Bonnaroo this year? I finally get to make it this year, wish I could’ve last, though!

    Heather and Cami look gorgeous :)

  • Ev

    While we’re at it, how about Portland, Maine? Beautiful weather here this time of year and we’d luv to see youse guys!

  • zeghsy

    cami is totally making a grab!!! i <3 you guys so much. i’d love to have you come to wi, but not for a book signing. just to hang out and drink and talk and have fun.

  • Amy

    Those are some chicas calientes right there.

  • Momross

    It was so neat to meet you and Heather at the book signing. I as I told you at the book signing. I have read both of your blogs for years. It was great to finally meet both of you in person. Jon, I us to go listen to your band when you where with Swim Herschel Swim. I have great respect for both of you and what a great job you are doing raising Leta. I know all to well how hard it can be to raise difficult children. I am raising 3 children with Autism. You guys make me laugh when the stress gets the best of me. Thank you for my daily laugh and I hope you get the much needed break this week.

  • Nichole

    You two are so amazing, and it was wonderful meeting you two. That book signing experience is going to be the highlight of my summer! Thanks so much.

  • minxlj

    Great shot! I thought Cami was Heather’s sister there for a moment, they look quite alike in this shot :-)

  • that girl

    Forget those punks…Rural Northern Louisiana is where you want to do the next signing.. Gators, fried fish and no leash laws..Noone will say the word “blog” to Heather, and I promise that we’ll make an effort to teach you the right way to say crayon, Jon.. Doesn’t that sound like fun>? Oh, and I forgot to mention the 102 degree days w/ a crap load of humidity thrown in the mix (just for fun!) Now doesn’t that sound nice?

  • Leesavee

    I second the Portland, Maine suggestion! I bet Longfellow’s would be THRILLED to have a signing. And then Heather could be-bop down the street to the Angela Adams store and get another handbag!

  • Christy H.

    Beautiful shot! I was so excited to see you guys travelled through Mobile, AL. That’s where I am! So cool to think there was some blurbodoocery going on in the dirty south. What kind of pen is that? I looove school supplies.

  • Jessica

    Tongue out, eyes wide, hands ready to rock… And she is still so beautiful.

  • Donny Pauling

    Two breathtakingly beautiful ladies in this pic!

  • Anna

    Is Cami related at all to Cameron Diaz, because I would almost put money on it.