Back to Mostly Normal

Heather’s back and we’ve got the office going strong. It’s crazy to have a working office. I feel productive. George needs a desk and I need software and there are a couple of closets full of crap boxes that will be slowly gone through over the next few weeks (once we get some bookshelves or laser controlled containment system), but it’s feeling good.

We’ve already had the disputes about what to have for lunch (we talked about going out, but that was just pseudo-office banter) and who gets control of the music. So far, I’m winning, but I expect that I’ll be subjected to more WHAM! and Milli Vanilli in the coming days.

George even stapled his TPS Report this morning, including the new cover sheet. The memo system appears to be working.

So has anybody purchased the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium jumbo-pak? Is it worth it? I’m particularly interested in Fireworks, Photoshop and Flash. Any good? Anybody running it on a MacBook Pro? I’ll probably get it regardless, but I wondered if anybody noticed a big speed jump with Photoshop and/or Fireworks running on an Intel MacBook Pro.

p.s. it’s great to have my lady back home. I missed her terribly.