Backyard Tendrilitis by Jon Armstrong.

Backyard Tendrilitis

Caught this yesterday in the afternoon right before the sun got behind the pine trees. The very same pine trees that are oozing gobs of pollen this year.

Last week, when we had the basement furniture outside for the recarpeting, we noticed in the few hours stuff was outside it was coated with yellow pollen. Coated. The allergy shots must be working, because I wasn’t as affected by that as I was by the dust when the original carpet was removed. The next day we had wind and rain. Before the rain came, the wind ripped through the trees and the resulting yellow clouds of pollen had Heather pretty freaked.


Only a few more nesting projects in the wings and we’ll be as as ready as we’re gonna for this kid.

  • Donny Pauling

    That is a great shot! I really, really like this one!

  • Nico Blue

    Great picture! I’m thinking I should look into the camera you use. I really should invest in a new one.

  • Maura

    I’m a sucker for purple flowers, so it was a foregone conclusion that I would like this one. :-) But what you do to the sky always gets me to fall in love.