Bar in Distress by Jon Armstrong.

Bar in Distress

Underexposure can yield some interesting colors. Especially when you bump the exposure back up.

* * *

I’m trying to gauge if the screencasts are interesting to you, kind readers. Let me know what you’d like to see (I won’t do nudity) in the comments and I’ll see what I can whip up.

One of the screencasts I want to do is to show why Fireworks is so good for web design; comparing it to Photoshop, etc.

  • doow

    I like them – and with Fireworks lying untouched on my computer, I’d certainly be interested to see your view of it.

    • webgrrlie

      Not to sound like a broken record, but I too have an untouched Fireworks, and I’d be very interested in learning how to utilize it. I often find PS to be too much of a good thing, and I’d like to know what Fireworks is capable of.

  • brebolivar

    i enjoy them also. anything photography-related is interesting to me!

  • stacey

    I love the screencasts. Keep them coming! I’m with brebolivar on topics – anything photo-related will surely teach me a new trick or two.

  • Brian Arnold

    While the idea of the screencasts is interesting to me, they wouldn’t hit what I’m personally curious about, probably — namely, I’m curious as to the particulars of your WP template here (how you handle the images, if you’re using the built-in media stuff, etc) and why this site is WP versus the Drupal over at, etc. :)

  • leesavee

    Geek that I am, I’m always interested. And like @doow, I have an untouched version of fireworks that I’d love to know more about. Bring it on, Blurb!

  • chrisandrhiannon

    I’d like to see info about web design, especially about how you use Drupal as a back end. WordPress seems very well documented and tutorialized for the average user. Drupal – not so much.

    And photos. Anything with photos is great. You and dooce seem to come up with great photos from your trips around the countryside – maybe talk about photo walks, what you look for, how much you shoot (hundreds of mostly throw away, or carefully selected shots, etc.)

    Also, workflow process for webdesign/management? You covered your workflow for photos, but what about the website side of things?

    And nthing the fireworks – that would be of interest.

  • TheDenora

    I would love to see a Fireworks vs. Photoshop screencast. I saw you Twitter about it the other day, and I’ve been curious ever since. Also, like the others, I’d be interested in anything photography related; from actual picture taking to adjustments/modifications that you use on a regular basis.

  • faydean

    Yes, please sir.

    I need something to take my mind off Obama, LOL.

    I think I requested that comparison between Fireworks and Photoshop! So thanks on that (not that you are addressing me directly…that assumption would make me a bit creepy). Ok, I am creepy…but not about this particular thing.

    Ok, I’m hopped up on caffeine and Facebook. I need to take a shower and get a life.

    Again, that’s a yes for me. (NO NUDITY!?) You and Heather are so lame.

    😉 Nude webcasts are so in (that was supposed to be funny, but alas they are in fact in. LOL) I don’t visit those sights. That’s my official stance.

  • tuliptoe

    I love these. It’s like a small format photography school. I don’t think I’ve seen one of your pictures that hasn’t made me go searching for my own camera and/or manipulate a picture in a more interesting way.

    I’d love to see the comp. between the programs. I have Fireworks but I haven’t used it yet.

  • meowsk

    Definitely more photo related screencasts.

    Fireworks is old news to me so I am not as interested in that as photography editing.

  • frantastic

    I love the screencasts and I would be very interested to read your thoughts on photoshop vs fireworks. Your designer tips would be appreciated by many I’m sure.

  • crackleflame

    on your post about jpg vs. raw you very briefly touched upon the split-toning section. aside from basic image enhancements from lightroom, your photos always seem to have very good coloring. i’d be interested to learn more of your techniques to for this and how you get that cross-processed look to your images.

  • Steven Tannock

    I dig the screencasts – the last one was surprisingly instructive given I use the same software quite regularly – just goes to show there’s always tonnes to learn from other users’ expertise.