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The Hills? Probably from 2008?

I had never noticed the letterforms on this rococo sign. Like I’ve spent more than 20 minutes in Beverly Hills proper. I think this was taken with a 70-200. I can’t find the damn catalog for this image because I’ve got a super janked way that I saved my Lightroom catalogs. On separate drives from years past… it’s painful. I’m going to spend some time every couple of days fixing the situation. File management is now becoming a thing.

This has been bubbling up are my feeds and whatnot:

“Your first 10,000 photos are your worst”

-Henri Cartier Bresson

I’m in agreement with this quote about my photos at this time.

* * *

I had the girls over the weekend. Good times. They are feeling good about their room and sleeping well. I’m not, but that’s to be expected. Leta is hitting the boredom stage and we need to up the activity ante now that the weather is nice.

I’m still not quite there with the wrangling; getting out the door; shoes on socks on routine yet. We are getting incrementally better at getting out the front door for whatever event. I absolutely must watch Marlo like a hawk. She’s a runner and if I stop to say hello to a grownup or passers by, she wants to explore the world in an almost ferocious way. It’s not negative, just who she is. Marlo is continuing the “no” phase. Timeouts: 1.5. I forgot about this age. It’s going to be bumpy for the next several months.

The weather was glorious. I’m in love with the sun.

Daily affirmation: It will get better.