Bird on a Wire

I needed about 200mm more lens to capture the bird the way I really wanted at this angle.

I’ve been playing a lot with Aperture 2 (now 2.1) and I’m really liking it. The adjustment sliders and GUI is much better than the previous version. It’s also much faster. I love how it does monotoning/sepia toning. You can pick any color and get a great effect. I also like the variety of profiles you can embed in your exported files. Many more than Lightroom. No, I haven’t tried the Lightroom beta. I’m waiting a little longer before I check it out.

  • n

    I have (almost) no idea what you’re talking about, but the birdie is cute.

  • GoGo

    totally have no idea what your talking about, but am getting there.

    Is that a robin? It looks like a robin from a michiganders pov, but i didn’t know they hung with you all in Utah.

    and very nice shot!


  • lucky13

    i just want to say that your photography is excellent. you have a way of capturing color and light that is really quite fantastic.

  • GoGo

    p.s. set it as background photo on work computer. that’s how nice of a shot it is.

  • Carmi

    In a freaky coincidence, the photo I posted late last night is similarly themed (how neat is that!) I remember thinking the same thing as I stood on the ground looking up: that a little extra focal length would help pull it in and give it punch.

    But in retrospect, I think the wider perspective makes for a stronger composition. In your case, the story isn’t just the bird. It’s the bird within a geometric context. The wider angle lets the lines of the wires draw the eye through the frame until it discovers the bird.

    The alternative of a honking long lens would have netted you a picture of a bird. I doubt it would be as unique as this one. Great shot – and great thoughts on software. I’m on the fence about the tools I currently use to manage my workflow, so this helps immensely. Thanks!

  • Jill S.

    Did the clouds mean more snow? We got a fresh inch. Just what I wanted.

  • Ashley

    the colors and the tone in this shot are outstanding.

    i am considering purchasing Aperture 2 but have only used Lightroom a handful of times. I’m a Mac owner but use PCs at work and just mooch off their software. For now.

  • dfigueroa

    Aperture 2.1 is miles ahead of the first release. My favorite feature (not really functional) is how the slider tracks seem to glow and pulsate when you mouse over them. Also, the devignette feature is just as handy and the black point tool.

  • Lesley

    Too bad Mac software won’t work on a PC. I’ve tried Lightroom and like it, but would love to try this software.

  • Lesley

    Btw, I love this shot. I particularly like the proportion of the bird to the telephone pole, and the telephone pole and the bird in the context of the larger environment, encompassing the sky. There are many perspectives here.