Bits from a Sigur Rós show

“Wow those Icelandic women in Amiina (Amiina on 3hive) are band nerd hot.”

“Wow, there are some big closets people are hiding in,” after watching flamingly gay person deny he and his date were gay. And then as Sigur Rós started he squealed and jumped up and down while flapping his hands. None of which was a problem. Just the weird denial. This might enter the Only In Utah file, but I imagine that sadly, this happens all the time in other places.

“Wow, I’m inside the music. It’s like being 11 years old and having headphones on really loud, even though no one is home. And I’m playing air guitar and drums and pretending to be onstage. And the future is wide open. And I have goose bumps.”

“This is what Spinal Tap was talking about with the Majesty of Rock and the Pageantry of Roll.”

“This is gonna take awhile to process.”

“The violin bow on the guitar is sweet.”

“Jón þór birgisson’s voice is otherworldly.”

“Superlatives escape me. This is gonna take awhile to process.”

See this band live. You won’t regret it.