Biz Biv Dev Debrief


Thanks for all the comments and email. So very encouraging and helpful. I may still do t-shirts for this site, but I think in order to be compelling or interesting, they will need more concept time. And ladies sizes.

I love all the photo comments, and I’ll be spending the next little bit researching options, vendors, etc. What’s so valuable to me about all the feedback is that I can now clearly see where I need to put my energy. I realize that not everyone is going to be digging on every photo or photo collection. As a photographer, I’m going to shoot and sell things I’m into. I know it’s a crowded market, but I believe I have something to offer that is unique. Hopefully others see some value in the work and are compelled to buy it. And if they aren’t, at least I’ve enjoyed creating and sharing some work.

Once the picture is taken is just the beginning for me. The rest happens in front of a computer, and usually it’s the more time consuming part of the exercise. If image editing software didn’t exist, I’d be jonesing darkroom gear and bankrupting us with processing costs, paper, chemicals and film. That we live in an age where I can at least attempt this seems at once sweet and horrifying. I’ve already lived too long not going for it.

I don’t expect this to take off to a point that I’m in a 12′ x 12′ clear plastic cube with fog or smoke, great lighting and high velocity fans blowing thousands of $20 US dollar bills while I lay wearing tanning glasses and atmospheric techno playing, basking in the light and money. I’m just looking to do something I love. The rest will follow.

In the short term, it should be obvious that my very fine lady’s site will be the bacon bringer homer, although I might be allowed to do the frying up in a pan. I’m also trying to be more involved with Leta. I’m trying to live the dream, man. LIVE IT. That’s not going to be perfect, and I’ll try to document the days here, and I suppose there is some value in that. I’m still going to freelance and try to contribute, but the master plan is to wake up and be excited to face the day. And write up more whores.

One of the questions that is often asked of bloggers is “why do you do this?” I believe the answer for me is that my whole life, I’ve been involved in some kind of creative endeavor that is shared publicly. Publishing myself online isn’t an exercise in narcissism at all. It’s about doing something and sharing it; putting it out there. I love that aspect of creation and always have. Whether it’s been onstage in a play, with a band, on a pirate cable comedy show that maybe 30 people watched, in print or online, it’s the doing and the sharing that is what makes creating so rewarding. It’s somehow woven into my DNA. I don’t want to stop creating. Ever.

I’m still in awe that so many people would feel compelled to comment and I can’t thank you enough for being willing to share your opinions. You are awesome.