Bridge (and Snow)

Just clearing the snow photo deck for awesome spring shots to come. I promise.

We did a lot of walking in, around and over this bridge this winter. By we I mean the fourteen aliens that moved into my left ear and the dogs.

  • Markus Langenfeld

    No rush on starting the spring photos, it will still look like that here in MN for a few weeks or more.

  • Leesavee

    Same here in Maine. Your photos make the snow look far more appealing than it does when I have to go shovel it off the steps.

  • minxlj

    Love the angle on this shot, so nice and bright as well. The weather in Northern England right now is dull, freezing and high winds so I’d love to see contrast like this :-(

    Oh yeah and it’s moving day tomorrow for me – I’m wishing for snow rather than the truly awful weather we have right now!

  • michael

    It’s snowing in Tacoma right now. Half the time we don’t get snow during the winter. This is awful.

  • Erin The Great

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring thanks to the plethora of snow the country has been receiving. Looking at your picture makes it easier to bare the apocalyptic downfall and just enjoy the beauty. Thank you.

  • suzieq

    Beautiful here in NC..trees all in bloom, dreading a late cold snap (happens a lot of the time) that would kill the buds and cause a shortage of yummy peaches this summer..I see you have a picture hanging project coming up..Whenever my husband and I had a joint project (now widowed after 39 magical years with a man as eccentric as myself) we always started with a drink/beer or two and the toast “there’s gonna be a fight!!” and a kiss..after the laughter we would then get to the task at hand..still didn’t stop the conflicts but we could laugh about them later..

  • Jodie

    Winter will end. The spring solstice has passed, Easter has passed… Winter will end SOON.

    Of course, I live in Texas where Spring is a fleeting season between somewhat cold and very hot. Why have I never left here? Good Mexican food and BBQ are closer to me this way, but sometimes I would like to experience Winter, Spring and Fall. It seems like we have 8 months of summer (HOT), a brief fall, a slightly longer winter and a brief spring. I live in a ‘burb located in the north Texas plains and prairies area. We had lots of fields 20 years ago when I moved here. Now we have lots of pavement and houses.

    Be happy that you live in a beautiful place! The only beautiful place I can think of is a “protected” prairie, but it’s been closed to the public because of over use. We have a lack of public green space probably worse than NYC.

  • Sarah

    hmm.. I dream of springtime. I could almost smell it today. I could not see it however, under the still 4 feet of snow on our front lawn.! here in Montreal .. spring flowers would normal be surfacing in about 2 weeks, but in reality they will be here probably, oh, middle of May, no joke! You know what IS funny though. The bill I got today for extra payment due for snowplowing this winter. WTF. Seems like the ‘average’ snowfall they expect is up to 200cm (~6.5 feet in your world) .. but … we actually surpassed that by about 5 feet .. ha ha ha. Did I tell you how much I LOVE winter. NOT! You photos are stunning Jon. I am very much anticipating your weekend project. I also have two 12 walls that are currently bare. I like the idea of photgraphs in frames to be put up however I don’t know if I can handle the pressure if gettign them lined up. Any chance you or Heather are coming to Montreal anytime soon? :)

  • Sally Fulton

    Well, it was 80 and sunny here in Florida today, as it is every day, but I remember the snow oh too well from NJ.
    The picture Heather put up today of you is amazing. You guys probably don’t see it. But when someone you really love takes a picture of you, it shows. There’s probably no one on the face of the earth that could capture the look in your eyes that she did. It makes me believe in true love.

  • Samantha

    I am not Spam, Jon, but a longtime reader who wants to recommend you check out this stunning video by a Dutch singer-songwriter named Lolly Jane Blue.

    Go to Videos and behold “Worms.” Your breath will be taken away!

  • mommyknows

    Love the photo!

  • lostinutah

    And it’s supposed to snow AGAIN. Jon, I think you are encouraging the snow gods with all these photos. For the love of God, please stop!


  • karly

    Hey Jon!
    you need to get yourself some ionic or collodial silver and kill those aliens! pronto! seriously whatever ails you it’ll solve. Go get silver biotics…it’ll do the trick:O)
    happy weekend!
    bourbon all around:)

  • Leesavee

    Moving away from the aliens in your ears…how are your sinuses doing, Jon? Are they free-flowing and happy now? I do hope so. You deserve snot-free sinuses.

    Here’s hoping that all of us in the snowier regions have a lovely spring. Pronto!

    Best, Lisa

  • Kiala

    It’s snowing in Portland.

    It must be the end times.

  • Jac

    I just came “home” to Denmark after a vacation in Iceland… from -5°c to +15°c is a gigant leap :) I love the snow, but only for so long.

    Jac Nordquist

  • T

    Jon- What WP Plugin are you using so that they photos are bigger on the posts’ page? Thanks.

  • Becky

    I’m always awed by the way your photos invite the viewer into the picture. Another great shot.

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