Can We Start Telling the Truth and Have It Really Be The Truth?

Truth. Reality. Apparently the GOP owns them both. By lying and then hearing the lie repeated constantly by everybody, including the supposedly liberal media:

Via: this commenter. Thanks, kadams76!

If only the mainstream media would start calling McCain a liar. Because that is what he is. Continually.

For GOP supporting liars, here’s a direct refutation of the lie that you are telling about Obama wanting to “raise your taxes”:

Tax Cuts for Wealthy Instead of Middle Class: The Bush tax cuts give those who earn over $1 million dollars a tax cut nearly 160 times greater than that received by middle-income Americans. At the same time, this administration has refused to tackle health care, education and housing in a manner that benefits the middle class.


Obama and Biden will cut income taxes by $1,000 for working families to offset the payroll tax they pay.

Provide a Tax Cut for Working Families:
Obama and Biden will restore fairness to the tax code and provide 150 million workers the tax relief they need. Obama and Biden will create a new “Making Work Pay” tax credit of up to $500 per person, or $1,000 per working family. The “Making Work Pay” tax credit will completely eliminate income taxes for 10 million Americans.

Eliminate Income Taxes for Seniors Making Less than $50,000:
Barack Obama will eliminate all income taxation of seniors making less than $50,000 per year. This proposal will eliminate income taxes for 7 million seniors and provide these seniors with an average savings of $1,400 each year. Under the Obama-Biden plan, 27 million American seniors will also not need to file an income tax return.

Simplify Tax Filings for Middle Class Americans:
Obama and Biden will dramatically simplify tax filings so that millions of Americans will be able to do their taxes in less than five minutes. Obama and Biden will ensure that the IRS uses the information it already gets from banks and employers to give taxpayers the option of pre-filled tax forms to verify, sign and return. Experts estimate that the Obama-Biden proposal will save Americans up to 200 million total hours of work and aggravation and up to $2 billion in tax preparer fees.

Where did I find this? Not from the “liberal media”. Certainly not from a lying GOP supporting pundit. I found this on Specifically, this page.

Who is going to stand up for truth? This is why I keep posting political stuff this season. I can’t fucking stand the lying any more.