Can you hear me now?

As an Apple junkie, I visit the Mac Rumor sites on an irregular daily basis.

The sites are rampant with news about Motorola and Apple working together on an iTunes compatible phone (news: 1, 2 and 3). As I noted almost almost a year ago, Apple needs to step away from Macworld as it’s main product launch vehicle and be a bigger presence at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES). Macworld and CES happen at the same time, and Apple gets great press at Macworld, but I think they’d get even bigger press at CES. Besides, I think of all the computer makers, Apple has the best shot at being a consumer brand player like Sony. And come on, who doesn’t want to see a phone as part of their iPod?

If an announcement is to be made about a phone that works with an iPod or iTunes, where will that announcement be made? I’m betting on CES.

I know this is Daring Fireball territory, and I can’t hold a candle to Mr. Gruber. However, I’m willing to bet at least a nickel that Apple will be moving it’s larger, less Mac-centric announcements to a broader venue.

If the phone/device exists and is to be launched, it makes a great deal of sense to have it work with iTunes, because that works on the biggest two personal computing platforms. As such, it seems smarter to play to the bigger audience and announce at CES.