Catching Up



So where were we? Something about a marathon and pro something or other? Old news.

I spent last weekend in delicious Palm Springs with Heather at Camp Mighty. So right. But when we came home everybody got sick. And our Little Ray of Sunshine II will not swallow anything resembling medicine. Also I’ve got a reminder on my phone demanding that I “Research fabric that is an I am to Hott”. Apparently, my phone likes to use the extra “t” as an attention grabber. But fabric? No. Hey phone, message received; attention grabbed. Weekend. Palm Springs. Fantastic weather. FANTASTIC. Except for Saturday when it rained all day.

On Friday, we drove through town looking at mid-century modern houses and plotted a way to spend winters there. Leta and Marlo can handle themselves during the school year; Coco can drive now, so we’re all set. It was fantastic to be in the sun, knowing that our return to Salt Lake City would mean substantially colder weather.

I had packed the big camera, but I forgot a memory card. Because I’m awesome. On our drive through town on Friday to take some photos, Heather realized that she had a card but it was in her purse. At the hotel. So I shot some images with my iPhone. I have to say that after this trip, I agree with Annie Liebovitz:

The iPhone 4S is a fantastic point and shoot. Here’s a gallery of my iPhone shots from the trip:

[nggallery id=3]


I’ve shared some of them already, but wanted to include them in a gallery. Camp Mighty was fantastic. Great hotel, great conversation and great to catch up with some amazing people. Our room came with a patio. The patio had a fireplace. We spent as much time as possible out there when it wasn’t raining. Locals assured us that the weather was not normal.

So yeah. Tomorrow? Movember news. It’s all good. Here’s a teaser:

You might have to replay the video to get the full effect, as it seems to jump to the end the first time through.