Caveat Downloader

Caveat Downloader

Alternative title: For Intel Mac Core 2 Duo owners only.

I buckled under the crushing power of my own curiosity and purchased the Apple Airport 802.11n Enabler. $2.12 US later, it downloaded in a moment and in a millisecond, I double-clicked the package installer. Imagine my pain when I got this message in the installer:


Turns out you have to run Software Upgrade and download/install the latest Airport Extreme update 2007-001.

After your machine reboots, run the Enabler. Et, viola. If your router supports the draft-N specs, you’ll see a remarkable increase in network speeds. My almost two-year-old Belkin Pre-N router supports it enough so that it feels like I’m on a wired connection to machines on the network. Very sweet. And very worth the $1.99.

This could change how I work. Imagine…

UPDATE: Tried a 1 gig copy of about a hundred files. Only got about 1.8MB/sec transfer rate. Disappointing. Finder windows populate faster and shared iTunes playlists are faster.