Christian Statistics

Most Christian U.S. States in 1990

Guess which state’s percentage of adherents is at the top??

I wonder what these states’ education funding was in 1990??


  • Pete Dunn

    There’s at least one less adherent in Utah these days who probably would have said he was one in 1990.

    -raises hand-

  • kimblahg

    I actually had to think, “Huh, I guess Mormons are Christians.”


    My first thought before looking at the list was North & South Dakota…because really only a truly holy person would choose to live in those states!

  • Greg

    This is an outrage. I expect Texas to be on all embarrassing lists. At least we’ll always have Bush. In your face Utah!

  • workman

    I guess it’s just nice to be considered Christian sometimes. Now if you were to take a poll in Texas, they would probably say Utah leads the nation in baby-eating.

  • woodlayson

    Being from Alabama myself, I thought it was interesting that the AL-LA-MS cluster of Southern states were numbers 4,5, and 6 respectively on the list of adherents, but they didn’t even make the top 10 list of members. Makes me want to do a study on the hypothesis that Southerners have an aversion to formal membership.

  • Jen

    When I saw this, I knew immediately that RI would be in the top three. Approximately 64% of the population is Catholic. However, what is interesting is that RI is a solid blue state. We even voted out our very liberal Sen. Chafee (R) (who voted against the war) to help get the Senate majority. Not sure about Education funding, but I went through the public school system there and although it had it’s problems, I think I got a good education (sex ed and evolution included).

  • PixelFish

    Heh, Pete, besides me, I know at least five or six of my personal friends who can also claim the same. I’d be interested in a recent census–that one is seventeen years old.

  • michael

    LOL @ Greg!

  • Jen

    “I wonder what these states’ education funding was in 1990??”

    Where Utah is concerned the answer is, “not enough!” Yet we still refuse to pass a head tax,,, hmmmm, wonder why? Oh yeah, people breed like rabbits and don’t want to pay for their kids’ education. Yeah, I’m not bitter about the subject.