Chuck dodges questions about healthcare town halls

A sad day for democracy and patriots.

  • ncsuemme

    there’s something oddly hilarious about the similarity between chuck and politicians. they can’t help but respond when they hear their name, but then dodge anything serious.

  • Doug

    I think you should groom Chuck for a career in politics. He has the charisma, and comparing his opinions to those of the current crop of politicians, he makes much more sense.

    Chuck for Congress in 2010!

  • HDC

    I think you guys are on to something into thinking that he’s part cat. He’s got an uncanny ability to have that annoyed and disgusted ‘I am going to kill you in your sleep’ look when you talk to him.

  • Joanne

    wait, i love chuck. and he’s going to love this off topic comment, i’m sure. :)

    once in a while, when discussing health care on this site, someone will mention prevention or personal responsibility.

    there’s a fantastic documentary out called FOOD, INC. we were loaned an advanced copy and finally just watched it. should be in theaters now.

    i’ll bet you that even the former congressman would endorse it because it does broaden the discussion of health in America to include the choices we make everyday with what food we buy and eat.

    i kind of think heather should endorse it on dooce too. (was that too much? sorry, but i’m loving the information this film gives us).