Church and… Church

Latter-Day Republicans vs. the Church of Oprah – New York Times

Frank Rich on the state of things in the upcoming primaries. Love his take on Romney. One thing Rich fails to mention is that Romney’s father took major lumps for opposing the Vietnam war in the 60s. So major that the senior Romney lost out on his chance to become President. While the senior Romney was a big civil rights supporter, Rich shows a different side of Mitt:

“The answer is simple. Mr. Romney didn’t fight his church’s institutionalized apartheid, whatever his private misgivings, because that’s his character. Though he is trying to sell himself as a leader, he is actually a follower and a panderer, as confirmed by his flip-flops on nearly every issue.”

Sidenote: Mormons who stand up to their leaders and/or Salt Lake aren’t Mormons for long. Not saying that justifies silence, just saying that internal lobbying of church leaders is done without the benefit of public view. If it’s done publicly, it ends with the church excising the member either through disfellowship or excommunication.

The Oprah comments are just as interesting as the stuff on Romney’s Jesus talk.