Cityspeak Signs by Jon Armstrong.

Cityspeak Signs

One of my pet peeves in cities are the crazy amount of sign instructions for a given set of parking spaces. If you are in heavy traffic, trying to decipher all the information in a hurry is next to impossible and the amount of information contained in some areas is laughable.

I really like this part of Los Angeles. Full of character and flavor. I wish we’d have come here more often when we lived here.

  • Rowan Moore Seifred

    Hey Jon,
    I love your photos, especially the pushed color. Was just at Dooce and saw the lovely photo of Leta, I am pretty sure you take all the pics for the site. My question for you is what sort of digital camera are you using? I am in the market for one (spending my GWBush bucks, yeeha!) and wondered what you were using because everything I have seen on your two (are there more?) sites are fab.

  • Jen

    I had to laugh when I saw the signs — in the blink of an eye, my little urban walnut brain immediately parsed the sign as “No weekday rush hour or weekend daytime parking”.

    I must be devolving into a squirrel, or maybe a pigeon.

  • Jenna

    I completely concur…I’m NOT a fast reader. Not to mention, there’s math involved in figuring out if I can legally turn left…..NOW! (not between 4 and 7pm). Sheesh.

  • Ashley

    i hate this too and i also hate confusing signage. i got a $200 parking ticket in NYC on new years day because i parked next to a sign that said no waiting. but i wasn’t waiting, i was clearly just parked. the judge didn’t really buy it.

  • Chase

    Having lived in LA for a couple years, I have to think that it is all a ploy to get you to park in the overpriced, uber convenient lot right across the street. The city must get a big cut of the take of those lots.

    All that said, beautiful photo!

  • Janet

    Which part of L.A. is this?

  • Alison

    How can I buy a print of Snow Melt or Puppy Play? thanks.

  • MontanaJen

    I’m such a hick.

    I totally would have to write out the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ times and figure out if I was in one of the ‘yes’ times to park there.

    Let’s just say that I depend heavily on cabs and public transportation in cities I visit (which is why I love to visit DC – loooooove the Metro).

  • Charles A
  • Spatula

    I really love the crazy colours on this one.

    Who DOES take all the stunning photos of Leta? They totally make me want to kidnap her. KIDDING, it makes me want to kidnap the photo equipment.

  • Ashley S.

    I immediately started reading the sign and then thought “there is absolutely NO WAY I could survive in a big city..that is, without my driver! I wonder if anyone has ever tried to sue the city for making the font on the signs so small that you might have a wreck trying to read them. You could be first!!!!!!!!

  • Lesley

    Would love to have another Jon Photoshop lesson, specifically the techniques used to achieve the effect here. It’s super.

  • Susan

    fantastic angle and post processing!
    This would look fantastic hanging on a wall :)

  • Laurie

    Ah, Los Angeles parking. Those cops mean business. When I moved there as a naive Utah girl, Lord knows I got my fair share of parking tickets. I swear you can’t risk parking illegally for even 2 minutes (even if it’s the only spot for miles and miles, and you’re about to poo your pants)… they’ll find you!