Clog Emergency?

Readers have been sending in these two links:

CNN: Crocs, kids and escalators a bad combination?

Got Crocs? Be careful on the escalator

Thanks readers!

Two points:

  • Leta does not wear Crocs
  • I’ve read stories like this before and I generally don’t wear my Crocs to airports or malls.

I wonder how hard it is to replicate getting your foot caught in an escalator. My first instinct is to blame an inattentive parent but I don’t think that is entirely the issue. Here’s a google search on the term “Crocs escalator“.

Includes this ABC story, “Crocs Can Pose a Danger on Escalators“.

Maybe Crocs needs to harden the sole and toes? I’ve read where some doctors are saying that the arch support is not so good and they are hearing complaints from patients about foot pain. That may explain why my second pair of Crocs felt a little more rigid than my first. They’ve broken in nicely, but I’m changing out my footwear so that I get proper arch support.

I’m still a clog supporter.