Clouds getting sucked into the event horizon

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Clouds getting sucked into the event horizon

I’m in Houston for the Dad 2.0 Summit. Bigger, better and louder than last year. I uploaded this image prior to leaving, hoping I’d have a moment or two to share it and talk about how different I feel at this conference this year. That is going to have to wait, as I’d like to get through the conference.

One thing I’ll share. Last year, I wrote about the pangs of being alone when traveling without having anybody to check-in with upon landing. My friends have reached out and told me to let them know. They won’t give me shit or make fun of me. So this trip would be better in that regard. Great. Sidbar/pull quote: I always request an upgrade when I buy airline tickets. It’s mostly futile, but this time, I got the upgrade for the SLC -> IAH leg. I start with a Bloody Mary, which I only have when I travel. Once airborne, I decide that I need to stick to orange juice… and… I’ll just get to it. The flight attendant was flirty, in a non-overt way. No coying, teasing or immature.

I’m sharing this because this is new for me. Friends have told me to own it. I want to own it. But this is new. I didn’t do anything other than try not to be weird or creepy. I think I succeeded. I think. Anyway. Point is, this is new. Unexpected and to a certain degree, unprecedented. Maybe my energy is changing? New.

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Affirmation: Open up.