Coastal Winter Storm

Another one from 2008 that I couldn’t see that I had posted anywhere. The sensor was really dirty and maybe that’s why I never did the clean up work?

We’ve had gray days here and I’m trying to see the light as it were.

  • Kristan

    BREATHTAKING sky. I love the green tint. Almost gives it an alien feel, but not like a scifi alien.

  • BPinKC

    Absolutely stunning.

  • DaddyScratches

    Dude, that is spectacular. Love it.


    jon – i am constantly inspired by your photos. thanks. i know that you and your family are facing sad days. i’m so sorry.

  • Lesley

    I’d like a large one of this above my bed. WOW.

    Is this one for sale Jon? If so, how large?

  • HeadacheSlayer

    I know little to nothing about the science of taking of pictures, so most of the nerdy info is Greek to me 😉

    Did you do any kind of tinting on that, or is it natural? I would absolutely buy this print STUNNING!

  • Lesley

    Blurb, I think you’d enjoy these. Stunning photographs by Andrew Wright from the Great Bear Rainforest

  • Lesley

    I came back to gaze at this photo. It’s funny but the thumbnail is differently tinted than this larger version (whose tint I prefer).

    Anxiously awaiting word on whether you would sell this one.

  • Jakki


  • Amellah

    I would love to see this one for sale as well. It is stunning.

  • blurb

    Thanks everybody, I’ll be posting this one and another into the store later today or tomorrow.

  • jon deal

    Wow, that’s cool shot.

  • Coelecanth

    Man, I just did your survey. It took me all of 5 seconds. As soon as I said I didn’t live in the States it punted me. I’m pouting now: once again I’m nobody, not Nobody, but lower case nobody, you know, er….anyway, I’m nobody because I’m not American. If you monetize me do I not pay? If you survey me do I not read? :)

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