Coco by the Numbers

Coco by the Numbers

My life with Coco is proceeding quite nicely, despite her lack of housebreakery. She’s a stubborn one, like all the females in the house.

Here are some numbers:

Number of times I take her out to pee a day: 76

Number of times she actually pees: 8

Number of urine-based accidents per day (average): 1

Number of fecal based accidents per day: .02

Number of times she’s really excited to see me, even though I just left the room to get something or do something and came back in: 53

Teeth lost: 0

Number of times I’ve been peed on: 1

Number of times a day she whines and we shush her: 1,200,864

Size she thinks her bladder is:


Actual size of her bladder:


We’re getting there with the housebreaking. Slowly.