Coco is in Time Out

As she should be. Note the worried eyes. She gets like that when I growl at her.

This is taken with a camera I got for Heather as a Mother’s Day gift; the Lumix GF1
(yes, it’s an affiliate link to Amazon.)

Very sweet little camera. Heather’s already shared a bunch of shots she’s taken with it and they are spectacular, especially for the size and money.

  • Kristan

    Aww, puppy! In this shot she reminds me so much of my dog.

  • brewcaster

    I got the larger Lumix GH1 recently. I love this camera. Which lens did you get with it? I found an adapter on ebay to allow old Canon FD lenses to be mounted. Which makes it easy to find $40 prime Canon lenses on Craigslist, ebay, used shops etc. I mainly do video with it, but the stills are great too. This is a hobby, so this linking will net me $0, if you want to see some: