Crazy Beautiful by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

Crazy Beautiful

She’s a cute dog. But she’s literally screamingly insane. Literally.

Just when I think I’ve gotten her to LISTEN, she’s off finding the most obscure toy that Leta is definitely going to want to play with next. Coco finds this toy before Leta knows it’s the next thing she wants. Coco brings the toy upstairs, very quietly. Within 45 seconds of realizing that Coco is gone from our presence, there are the panic calls of her name from either me or Heather. She comes running with the toy dangling out of her mouth. If we’ve caught her before the critical moment, the toy survives. If not, we do what parents of dogs and children have done for hundreds of years. Call the lawyers.

p.s. Happy Income Tax deadline U.S. citizens! Go stimulus, go.

  • greystreetgirl

    I just blogged about my dogs too and always feel the need for the “they’re cute but their rotten” disclaimer. I don’t want my readers to be fooled. I think my Daisy must be the same breed at Coco, they look so much alike. Very beautiful shot!

  • deidremck

    My sister has a miniature australian shepherd that acts a lot like CoCo. Once she got out of the puppy phase (4 years old) she calmed down and is the perfect dog. Good luck! :)

  • Kristan

    She is absolutely gorgeous. Your and Heather’s pictures make me want a mini Aussie so bad, but then your stories make me afraid, lol. I’ve got a herder/terrier mix right now, though, so I have a tiny bit of crazy already. Luckily no children added to the mix yet.

    And I totally thought you were going to end with: “If not, we do what parents of dogs and children have done for hundreds of years. Hide the toy.”

  • Dogmom

    She is a beautiful dog. I know that you love her. But I (and many others!) told you so at the beginning: Your life will be crazy, crazy, crazy if you love a dog like this. THEY NEED TO HAVE A JOB! I don’t believe that being a household pet is ever going to give enough stimulation for an amazingly intelligent breed like Coco (and my Belle, a McNab-Kelpie). They need livestock to bully! Good luck, Armstrongs — and I don’t mean that cynically. I am deeply attached to Belle, and she’s 11 years old and slowing down (don’t get your hopes up; it’s not that noticeable) and I want her to live as long as possible, I really do, but you do need an amount of luck with these little beings as well as patience and perseverence and a little insanity

  • leesavee

    Hey, once you have another kid, she’ll have one more person to herd! Perhaps that’s the solution…just keep having kids so Coco will stay busy. Because that makes sense.