Data Point(s)

Photos that I carefully craft and edit on my iPhone using non-Instagram filters and then share get less commentary than my photos that go through Instagram.

This could have been a post to twitter. And that would have received less response than a post on Tumblr.

This is all because I’m looking at my time, the social media landscape and wondering where the best place to stash things will be. For now, I think I’m going to keep sucking in photos I post to flickr to my personal site, which I believe I have successfully killed in a concerted effort to not post images I’ve spent time shooting and working on, not write about politics while our main business literally exploded and not post about the shitstorm of tragedy that I’ve endured for the past 12 or so months.

I note this only for myself, so that one day, when somebody makes fun of this or that social media outlet, I can point to this and say, “See, brain? I had a STRATEGY. I was THINKING about this.”


  • Shoot a ton of photos every day.
  • Edit in whatever, shoot with whatever, SAVE ORIGINALS wherever possible.
  • Keep uploading through Instagram and posting to Tumblr and flickr (as a backup). 
  • Suck Tumblr and flickr feeds into as a triple backup/personal vault. Don’t mess with DNS or anything.
  • Hope that somebody makes a great iOS WordPress app that’s as easy and well designed as the Tumblr iOS app.
  • Optional: Rock out at a near constant level to 1988-1995 hard jams from defunct musical outfits.

And so I apologize to you, gentle reader, as I spray my media out across the cloud/tubes. I’m just waiting to see who wins. Facebook doesn’t deserve my creative time like these other, more friendly and encouraging outlets deserve. I think there is a longer essay somewhere about why that is, but this will not be that essay.