Digital Camera Math

I got to thinking about all the photos we take and what it would cost if we shot film. This blurb should not be seen as anti-film. I love film. But the math of film is brutal. If you figure a roll of good film is around $5 US and the processing and printing (4″x6″) of that roll is around $15-$20 US, one could almost buy a digital SLR after the first week or so.

E.g., 1,100 photos taken on recent trip to Amsterdam. That comes out to about 30.5 rolls of 36 exposure film.

Cost for film: $152.77
Processing/printing per roll: $20. Total processing/printing: $610
Total cost: $762.77

That’s for one trip. That’s crazy ROI on digital. Consider you’d still have to scan for larger prints, there’s a time hit as well.

Maybe I can justify a second digital SLR for us. That sound you hear is Heather laughing.