Dog Day Morning

7:00 am — Awake. Chuck has weird pimply thing on face. Not sure if it is:

  • Zit
  • Injury from playing hard with neighborhood dogs
  • Rare insect bite

8:37 am — Verdict: Let’s watch it closely.

10:48 am — Utter terror. Blood! Running down his face! The digital camera is in the shop! Wait, who cares about digital camera? Get dog into car and to his veterinarian! Cell phone talkers get out of my way. Pot smokers who designed the address number system in Beverly Hills, you are so fired.

11:27 am — After wrestling with the Former Congressman to not say hello to every other dog in the waiting room and putting his ass in a down-stay (which worked until he army-crawled to sniff the nose of a scared Golden Retriever), we see the vet for 3.5 minutes. Chuck is oblivious to the wiping with peroxide. The Former Congressman has a huge raspberry on his nose, just inside of his right eye.

Vet says, “Possible cyst/tumor. Might have to excise, but not today. Give him antibiotics and ointment, twice a day. Call me next week. $87. Thank you. Come again.”