Don’t mess with Texas

1996. Austin, Texas. 35mm cross-processed. Don’t have photo nerd info (ha), but I shot this with the Canon Elan II. The guy I bought it from had an upgraded 30-75mm lens, and I can’t recall how fast it was. I remember him telling me it was a step up, and was always pleased with the results. I think this was the first time out with the camera after purchase as well, and I remember walking through this neighborhood feeling like I was the shit with that camera.

This was, I believe, my first roll of film that I shot with the intention of cross-processing. I have a few prints of shots from this trip and they are all green and blown out. This one I felt was fairly clichÈd, so I never printed it. Once scanned, it turned out slightly less green than the ones I printed and despite the subject matter, I love the fence texture with the rusty sign.

  • deleted

    You don’t mention any security guards trying to kick your ass while you took this shot…are you sure you were really in Texas? I live in Texas. In my first year of photography classes one of my classmates shot some film at an “abandoned” industrial site(you know how first year photo students are…”oh I love the shadows, the textures blah blah blah”). A security guard came out of nowhere, yanked the camera out of her hand and ripped the film out of the camera. It scared the crap out of her.

    No place but Texas… =)

  • grimsb

    ClichÈd? Perhaps. But still an excellent example of its genre. Very nice. :)

  • Leah

    holy cripes, deleted. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal unless she was at a classified military installation. I would be seriously angry if anyone did that to me. The most that has happened is that I’ve been asked to stop taking photos at places.

    for future reference, here’s a PDF of the photographer’s legal rights:

  • fiona

    My friend had her film ripped out for taking pics in the red light district in amsterdam….

  • ginger

    Everyone’s talking about photos and laws and things of which I know nothing.


    I do know that DJBlurb has indeed made CSS his bitch, for on the daily entries there are most-recent buttons that have the little blurb light-bulb thingie on them in the same shade/depth as the one on the lower right-hand corner of the page, and they are good.

    And I mention this only because it’s the sort of little design detail that makes a site complete and that drives the designer up the fucking wall to capture and code, and that, unnoticed, will eventually cause the designer plaintive moments, especially if someday a high-school freshperson ganks the design – without the detail – for a page entitled “Ramblings of Teenaged MindHell”.

    Or, you know, not.

  • Bill


    Remember, Austin ain’t Texas, despite what the map might reckon.

    Beautiful shot. Do you remember where it was taken?

  • EB

    I remember I was masturbating once, and my girlfriend was taking pictures, but she went loco en la cabeza, and decided to rip the film off the camera.

  • Andrea


    I can believe it – it’s known that people aren’t allowed to take photos in the Red Light. In fact, even if you have a camera and aren’t taking pictures, the bouncers the protect the women could take it away.

    It’s unfortunate (for me) because I thought the Red Light at night offered a lot of photographic material (the lights and activity, not the women…)

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