Don’t mess with Texas

1996. Austin, Texas. 35mm cross-processed. Don’t have photo nerd info (ha), but I shot this with the Canon Elan II. The guy I bought it from had an upgraded 30-75mm lens, and I can’t recall how fast it was. I remember him telling me it was a step up, and was always pleased with the results. I think this was the first time out with the camera after purchase as well, and I remember walking through this neighborhood feeling like I was the shit with that camera.

This was, I believe, my first roll of film that I shot with the intention of cross-processing. I have a few prints of shots from this trip and they are all green and blown out. This one I felt was fairly clichÈd, so I never printed it. Once scanned, it turned out slightly less green than the ones I printed and despite the subject matter, I love the fence texture with the rusty sign.