dooce® v6 Update

Just relaunched the mothership with added tabs to the upper right corner of These take you to the latest photo in each section. Heather designed these the night after we launched the redesign, then changed them and then I spent most of yesterday wrangling Drupal to get them to work.

Some notes:

The space between content and ads on v6 increased. There is more whitespace for the content.

Fonts were enlarged to ease in reading, particularly on larger screens at higher resolutions.

We didn’t know what the Barbie® ads were going to look like until right before they ran. People, I live my daily life in PINK. The ads will rotate. It’s going to be ok. I have another daughter coming. I’ll be living in PINK for the next several years. Think of me, please. helpmepleasehelpme

I’m fairly sure Heather plans on changing the mastheads out. Don’t panic.

Bugs in the comments. Have a great weekend, people.