Dropping Off

I’ve been catching up on Louie episodes as I work, at least waist deep, in various Keynote decks. One of the episodes from season 2, “Country Drive”, features footage shot inside a car with Louis CK driving and his two daughters in the backseat. “Who Are You” by The Who comes on the car stereo and Louie does a really good job of air playing along. For the duration of the song, the girls are clearly nonplussed and eventually trying to hold in their laughter.

This is exactly what I look like when I’m on my way to dropping the girls off or driving back to the condo and a good song comes up on shuffle. Most of the time, Leta will ask if I can please change the song. One night, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” came on and I let it play without singing along. We arrived at my place and I asked Leta what she thought.

“That was the best song ever!”

While I’d love to say that she’s worked her way through the Stones’ oeuvre, she’s firmly planted in the work of the female artists of the day. Which is probably how it should be. Just like my dad, I’ll get worked up about the historical importance of a song or an artist and try to share just how important it is that Leta understands the whole deal.

“Leta, he played the guitar UPSIDE DOWN! And backwards! Imagine if the piano had all the bass notes at the top! He came from Mars, Leta.”

Leta cared not one whit about Jimi Hendrix. One day, maybe I’ll try again.

I have to be careful that I don’t take the best evers too seriously, because there are a lot of them. Even though last Friday, Leta assured me that by getting ice cream, playing on iPads at the Apple Store and buying an xBox controller at the Microsoft store (so we could play Marvel v. Capcom 3 against each other at her request) that was the best day ever as she hugged me.

p.s. We tied in a best of three and I took out Hulk to win the final round. Then it was time for bed.