Drupal is RAD

So the Mrs. decides to do a giveaway. In an hour, there have been over 1,200 comments. The server just barely started to sweat (your mileage may vary). I don’t think the server has ever seen that kind of comment load. Chalk a big one up to caching and webinternetry jim jammin on the one.

She had a bunch of images up, but given the nature of the post, they were causing slowdowns. While Heather is at the gym, she authorized me to pull the images down if the site got slow. Hopefully, they’ll go back up if the interest slows over the next few days.

I have to say that i’m very impressed with Drupal right now. I think we made the right choice for a content management system. Thanks everybody for your patience if dooce® is down. I’ll be on server watch for the next few days, so you can contact me: djblurb [at] blurbomat [dot] com if you see bugs or experience issues relating to not being able to leave a comment. Your other issues are best left handled by trained professionals and/or legal chemicals.

Go comment and win a Wii with Wii Fit!! Good luck!

  • alina

    Whoa. I’m impressed. The first thought I had when I saw that giveaway was that your server better be fantastic. And by the time I write this, you’ve got 1800 comments over there. Incredible.

  • blurb

    @alina, and as I write this, 2054 comments! That is insane!

  • alina

    Hm…I may have to go enter again. But I think I’ll wait until three in the morning. :)

  • cmvbbay

    I started to leave a comment when the count was 1710; when it was posted, I was in the 2000’s.

    BTW, Dick Cavett wrote (what I thought) was a good article recently for the NYTimes about depression. I’m sure I’m the bazzilioneth person to tell you about it, but it’s worth a read.

  • ravensensei

    can I comment here and make it count? 😉

    Can I ask a favor? Way back when you posted a lot more about how you did a lot of the cool stuff not only on Dooce, but here as well. Is there any reason you decided to stay with WordPress here instead of switching the whole thing to Drupal?

  • alaskabean

    Wow- yay for having a backup web-watcher while you go to the gym… you’re a good hubby :) I think we need to start a raffle for one of them for whoever guesses the amount of comments that will be posted by closing…

  • ska1ser

    I posted a comment over at Dooce’s, and I think that it’s running a bit slower than usual, but I chalked that up to the high traffic. I am 3944, I think I started my comment where there was only 3000… so that’s a crazy amount of traffic. I would not doubt y’all getting about 10,000 comments! Good luck internet-watching! I might have to enter again as well but hopefully when it’s a little quicker to do so.

  • Maura

    It took me a few tries to get my comment accepted, and I thought the human test thing was just playing with me after the third try, but I was impressed how well it worked overall, when I knew there were dozens of people on at the same time. Thanks for being on the job! :-)

  • bunnie

    So what other CMS did you look at? I would be interested to know why you chose Drupal. I just went through the CMS choosing at work and we decided to go with Joomla. So far I really like it. Ease of use, great extensions, etc. Would love to know your thoughts.

  • blurb

    @ravensensei, I assume you are talking about this post:®-v6-nerd-faq/

    I wanted to compare server loads from WordPress and Drupal. Drupal wins hands down. I’ve been tempted to move to Drupal, but I have special needs that I can hack easily in WordPress and I’m still learning Drupal so it’s kind of hard for me. I’m also looking at Expression Engine. The new version looks dead sexy.

    @Maura, put a couple of zeros behind those dozens :-)

    @Bunnie, see the link that I posted above. Joomla was one I looked at, but Drupal seemed more robust. Doesn’t mean Joomla isn’t good, just that Drupal is holding steady. Knock wood.

  • Omar Eduardo Fernández Lebrón

    Now this is all exciting. I wonder how it feels to have such a big audience. Very impressive.

    Keep up the good work with the website and the server.


  • duhneese

    So, how did YOU do on the WiiFit??? =)

  • thatedeguy

    Congrats on the stability. I see it’s well over 6700 comments now and still holding. Pretty impressive really. Might have to look into drupal myself.

  • ravensensei

    I’m a web app designer for a company in White Plains, and I’ve been giving serious consideration to writing my next app with Ruby on Rails and seeing where it takes me. What I’m waiting for is an blog-like/CMS app written in RoR.

    From what I’ve seen, it’s not a fad anymore, it’s a fairly robust, yet lightweight scripting language.

    Plus if I can get a proof of concept written in RoR, I can convince them that my next dev machine needs to be a Mac 😉

    How much handrolling did you need to do with Drupal? I took a look at Joomla for a client, but it seemed to be a bit restrictive and puzzle-piece like.

  • Twirly Girlie

    Dooce Comment Watch 2008: 7884 at 9:45pm EST

    Fabulous!! :)

  • eddeaux

    Drupal is a mean Biatch, I installed it on and then had no idea how to do anything with it. It was just too much for me, but props to you for making it sing like a bird for Dooce.

    Also, I need to see before and after pictures of the garage. I’ve recently installed some sweet shelving units from Rubbermaid. Have you used their stuff? You can hang everything from a wheel barrow to a bike on your wall. I drool now everytime I look at shelving systems with bad ass organization abilities and ones that still look sweet while doing it.

  • bethany7726

    Over 10,000 comments! Unbelievable.

    My comments have to do with fat asses and dogs pooping out panties. I hope you guys enjoy! :)

  • babblingbabbling

    I am not going to leave a comment on dooce’s site for 2 reasons.

    1. It’s way more fun to be a spectator to the growing comments. It’s truly amazing and I’m proud of her.

    2. I don’t want to hear the Wii Fit screaming “YOU’RE KILLING ME!!!!!! GET OFF ME IMMEDIATELY BEFORE I SELF DESTRUCT!!!!!!!”

    This whole thing is super cool though.

  • PixelFish

    10700 comments (mine is somewhere in 10,300ish range). Man, oh, man. (Good thing I already own a Wii Fit–but if I somehow win, the new one goes to my mum. She really wants one but can’t afford the console.)

  • jdiettrich

    When I first saw this post and went to Dooce to check out the comments, it was sitting at 3800 and I didn’t bother posting because I thought there was no chance in hell. Now, it’s sitting at 11,368 and I KNOW there isn’t a chance!

  •, tootsiefarklepants

    The response to that entry is INSANE! I don’t need Drupal currently because I could only DREAM of having that many readers/comments but I’m thoroughly impressed.

    I did leave a comment over there, not to enter because I already have both the Wii and Wii Fit and if my number is picked she can pass it on to the next person which I stated; but to remark on her impressive readership.

  • Victoria

    Holy exciting!

  • Patrick

    Hmm, can’t comment on because I don’t live in the US… Well I can comment, but then it won’t count… Stupid rules 😉

    Mighty impressive!

  • ChrisClark

    Awesome news that Drupal is holding up under the strain. I remember reading your post about why you chose Drupal and this latest event just seems like further proof that you (and Heather) made an excellent decision.

  • Twirly Girlie

    Closing in on 15,000! Anyone wanna take bet on when it’ll hit 20,000? I say around noon today (EST).

    Deep breath in, Jon….exhale…. 😛

  • Lori D

    So this has to be pretty exciting for you. Did you check on the server periodically through the night or once you saw it humming along with thousands of comments you felt comfortable letting it run itself? Thanks for keeping an eye out!

  • jck

    It’s much better now that the pictures are off, Jon. Yesterday late afternoon it was a nightmare trying to post anything…though I was LAUGHING MY A** OFF knowing you guys probably didn’t expect 30 comments a minute and imaging the excitement and smoking computers in your house.

    Oh I bet it will hit 20,000 before noon, Twirly!!

  • momross3

    Wow, I am impressed. You guys are almost to 2 million comments and as far as I have seen the server has not gone down yet.

  • momross3

    Ok, sorry brain dead here. I just added a few extra zero’s when I looked at the comments. It is closer to 20,000 not two million. Let just say it was a long night of no sleep. I was up with my sick child. So, I am not seeing things straight. I know you and Heather have NEVER experienced anything like that. 😉

  • Pete Dunn

    Well it’s good to know if I ever see more than 4 comments on a post, I’m well-equipped. 19,000 so far. I’m not too far off to say that I haven’t seen that many total visitors this year.

  • sean415

    I don’t know what your setup at Liquid web is like, but if you’re going to be doing things like this in the future, you might want to check out this hosting service called goGrid… It’s a cloud server setup that allows you to add servers, load balancing, etc on demand (in like <5 minutes) when you see increased demand. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever used.

    Apart from that, I just feel the need to chime in and echo your praise for Drupal. I recently converted my girlfriend’s blog ( over from wordpress and we couldn’t be happier… well, I couldn’t be happier. She still mourns some of the nicer management tools on the WP admin end.

  • Twirly Girlie

    Jon, remember when you thought 2054 comments was insane? Well what do you think of 21,204?

  • Maura

    Dang, Twirly Girlie beat me to it. I was going to say the same thing, except say that now YOU get to add at least one zero! 😀

  • leesavee

    Holy frijoles! Giveaways make Dooce a very popular girl! I’m amazed that your server hasn’t exploded! That’s a TON of traffic!!! Go Blurbodoocery!!!!!

  • workroom

    man, over 20,000
    what if her mom can’t count that high?

    ; P

  • claresfolly

    And because of all those comments my employer blocked her site!!! No more reading the latest entry from dooce during lunch…

  • claresfolly

    And now I’m really sad because dooce’s site is now blocked at work…No more reading the latest from Heather while munching a salad…

  • Dylan

    I have to say I’m way impressed with how Drupal is holding your site up under that kinda load. My companies website starts hanging up when we deal with 200 sales simultaneously. We bought a commercial CMS, and found it truly difficult to implement. Kudos to you for administering it, and not letting the site die. I have to wonder what kind of machine(s) you are using to run the site, I assume it’s a co-lo but curious.

    On a separate note about the Wii’s:
    “2. No mechanically reproduced or computer generated entries permitted. ”
    Is it possible to generate an entry without a computer? I’m pretty sure that is supposed to mean you can’t set up a computer script to keep submitting entries, but I find this an ironic rule.

  • momross3

    Jon, Are you planning to put the pictures that Heather had in her contest post back up for those of us that didn’t get to see them before they where removed.

  • blurb

    @momross3, I’ll put them back in once the server settles down. Probably later tonight or tomorrow.

  • Alison G

    33,000 comments? That’s a stadium full. How fantastic. Dooce is a rock star.

  • momross3

    Blurb, Did you know that it is no longer letting us add comments to Dooce. I just tried to enter again and it will not let me leave a comment.

  • jon deal

    Bravo indeed for drupal to stay cool under the pressure!

    A bit off the subject, but Jon Hicks did a nice write up comparing Textpattern and Expression Engine a week or so ago:

    The new EE is dead sexy. Or it will be once it hatches.

  • blurb

    @momross3, that is because the contest has been over since 5pm Mountain time.

  • creativestable

    I am a Drupal developer/themer/designer/you name it! I use Drupal for ALL web projects that I do. It’s amazing and SOOOO EXPANDABLE. You could have an entire flash site in drupal if you really wanted… the possibilities are endless 😛 If you ever need drupal help, give me a holla! 😀